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Mountain ice

Mountain Ice Sports Recovery Muscle Pain Relief Gel 3oz Roll on

$ 19.95

Get a stronger edge with Mountain Ice Sports Recovery Gel

You can't win if you're not at the top of your game. The only way to get there is with a little help from Mountain Ice

Clinical recommended topical analgesic that combines the active ingredient of menthol with rich natural plants and extracts to reach pain at the source.

Specifically formulated for athletes and runners of ALL LEVELS.

  • Fast Pain Relief
  • Improves Circulation
  • Prevents Injury
  • Improves Performance
  • Benefits of Mountain Ice

    Treat your pain and injuries fast with a clinically recommended topical gel

    The Mountain Ice Sports Recovery Gel is specifically formulated for athletes and runners to promote muscle health and provide greater stamina, increase endurance, and enhance overall athletic performance.

    • Relieves joint and muscle pain
    • Reduces inflammation and swelling
    • Improves blood flow and circulation
    • Detoxifies muscle tissue and repairs cells
    • Helps prevent muscle damage, tears, and spasms
    • Provides a moisture barrier and protects skin
    • Promotes healthy skin renewal and healing recovery
    • Soothing gel with fresh scent and no sticky residue
    • Made with natural ingredients, gluten free, and vegan

    You can't perform at your best if you're in pain.

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