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Good Medicine Comfort-Fit SMx Air Ride Pad: Hand to Horse

Good Medicine Comfort-Fit SMx Air Ride Pad: Hand to Horse

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Custom designed New Zealand wool hand-woven blanket top is expertly contoured with leather reinforced spine and wither. The interior is an Air Ride shock absorbing insert for impact protection and comfort, while the high quality fleece bottom protects and wicks away moisture.

LEGEND of Hand to Horse
The Hand to Horse saddle pad represents both honor and trust in the equine companion. It bestows a forceful presence and joins the horse and rider in communication.

The hand print is the most recognizable symbol placed on Native American horses. A hand print on the left side of the horse indicates “battle scars”. The “pat hand” on the right side is the highest of honors, signifying
that the horse has brought his master home from a dangerous mission safely.

Lighting is drawn on the horse to symbolize both power and speed. When seen it instills fear in their foes.

The feather is very powerful in Native American lore. Honor and communion with the Creator was symbolized by decorating manes and tails with feathers.

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